Whether you have 10 hours in the air or 10,000, this is one DVD you simply must have.

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Whether you have 10 hours in the air or 2,000 – this is one DVD you simply must own.

"Selected for instructional use by the FAA, the U.S. Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol, the series shines by virtue of its careful methodology and high quality production values...even experienced aviators will pick up pointers from this well-prepared series." – Aviation International News

The 17 Most Popular Ways to Fall Out of the Sky... and How to Avoid Them
Hosted by Bob Hoover

Over 125 essential insights on one award-winning DVD. We remind you what to do and what not to do in a way that’s entertaining, engaging and memorable. This is the safety program you remember when you need it the most: when you're flying. It might be the most valuable purchase you ever make.

Four Indispensable Segments To Keep You Flying Safely:

Part I: Preflight Preparation & Takeoff

Part II: Cruise & En Route

Part III: Approach & Landing

Part IV: Your Body in Flight

The DVD edition contains the entire four-part series and has been digitally remastered from the original footage. It also contains bonus material not found in any other format. The entire four-part series is also available on one VHS tape, or you can order the program segments on VHS individually.

Winner of the Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine Laurels Award
For Setting a New Standard in Aviation Safety Training Tools

Pilots with over 10,000 combined hours of instruction developed the content of 17 Ways. The team includes former Air Force and Naval Test Pilot School instructors, flight surgeons, pilot examiners, and CFIs. The result is a series with high production values that provides invaluable information you won’t find anywhere else.

17 Ways has been purchased by individuals, government agencies, flying clubs, universities and flight schools in over 30 countries.

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With over a half century of flying in every type of aircraft, Bob Hoover has earned the undisputed title of "the pilot's pilot." With Hoover's retirement from the air show circuit, this is one of the only ways to marvel at his aerial artistry.

Now watch Hoover on video doing what he does best. You’ll get the rare opportunity to see part of his performance from the cockpit of the Shrike. Of course you’ll have traditional views of the Shrike and the P-51 executing rolls, loops, and performing the famous Tennessee Waltz, while cutting one engine or both through many of these maneuvers. "The Bob Hoover Aerial Suite" is a flying video unlike any other, and one you’ll enjoy for years to come.

The Four Forces T-Shirt

Four Forces t-shirt

The shirt that displays the forces that have governed most pilots for years! Four Forces design on t-shirt front. 100% pre-shrunk cotton, Hanes Beefy-T heavyweight shirt, sizes M – XXL. Order one for yourself and each of the positive forces in your life!

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