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Aviation safety training videotapes should be entertaining, use actual in-flight footage, present realistic situations for the average pilot, and be presented by highly experienced aviators with good camera presence. Is this asking too much?

It isn't if the tapes are made in Hollywood by someone in the business. Flyright Productions, a brand-new company formed by Robin Sturmthal, the daughter of a test pilot, seems to have found the formula like a Hollywood movie, the four-tape series, "The 17 Most Popular Ways to Fall Out of the Sky," cost a bundle to produce.

It was worth every dime. It is unlikely pilots will view these tapes without recognizing themselves in one of the 17 vignettes about poor decision-making. Highly realistic scenarios show pilots reacting to stress, peer pressure, and even medical conditions that could affect any pilot and lead to disaster.

Opening each tape with a special performance by Bob Hoover, back when he still had his medical, proves executive producer Sturmthal's show-biz smarts. Her choice of Air Force test pilots and U.S. Naval Test Pilot School instructors to narrate the tapes proves her dedication to quality. We would say that even if she had not based the tapes on data from the AOPA Air Safety Foundation.

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