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The 17 Most Popular Ways to Fall Out of the Sky...And How to Avoid Them, Vols. 1-IV, Flyright Productions, VHS format, total running time: 168 min, $139.95.

Some years ago, the CBS television network aired a series of "National Driving Tests," innovative interactive TV shows aimed at lessening the level of carnage on the nation's highways by improving the citizenry's driving skills. In these one hour examinations, viewers were presented with a variety of staged driving problems and a multiple choice assortment of possible solutions. Each scenario highlighted a specific aspect of motor safety; each usually contained a hidden "trick," a safety threat not readily apparent at first glance.

CBS's shows were wildly successful, earning the network big ratings and arguably raising the nation's motor safety awareness. With its new The 17 Most Popular Ways to Fall Out of the Sky...and How to Avoid Them, FlyRight Productions has recreated the old CBS concept, highlighting the pitfalls of everyday aviation through varied scenarios, each focusing on a selection of techniques. Actors/pilots flying real light piston singles and twins get into harrowing real-world situations by forgetting fundamentals. Embedded into each situation are hidden errors, the little things that all too often snowball into tragedies.

What starts out as an innocuous, thoroughly routine flight gradually becomes at the worst a tragedy, ate the least a hair-raising never-to-be forgotten close call. Fortunately, via the magic of video, deadly situations, such as a pilot fumbling futilely with an engine-out on takeoff in a light win, can be arrested and reversed, with a helpful on-screen instructor showing us the correct route to safety and survival. On two of the tapes that instructor is Chris Wheal, a former Royal Navy test pilot and instructor at the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School.

Selected for instructional use by the FAA, the U.S. Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol, the series shines by virtue of its careful methodology and high-quality production values. This is no cheapie quick n' dirty. Each of the four tapes comes with an instructional guide, offering further background into the areas covered. Part I delves into pre-flight preparations and takeoff; II looks at cruise and en-route flight; III examines issues dealing with approach and landing; and tape IV wraps up the series with a treatment of physiological issues.

Specific issues covered range from the elementary to the advanced, and even experienced aviators will pick up pointers from this well prepared series. Available from Flyright Productions.

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