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We are all attracted to books, magazine articles, TV shows, and videos in large part by the headlines and titles given them. One of the best to come along in a while is The 17 Most Popular Ways to Fall Out of the Sky.* Now that the title has your attention and curiosity, the asterisk tells why you should take a look at this production. --*And How to Avoid Them.

Hosted by Bob Hoover, perhaps the premier aerobatic demonstration pilot, this four-video series address the three phases of flight- preflight and takeoff, cruise and enroute, and approach and landing - and "Your body in flight." And each of the scenarios depicted in each segment is based on National Transportation Safety board statistics as the primary causes of accidents.

The videos keep you involved by presenting each scenario twice. The first presentation includes a number of mistakes, which are not identified. But pilots watching will be saying "No, no, no. You forgot..." or "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

The errors and correct procedures are demonstrated and explained in a replay of the initial scenario. And more than once the pilots I watched the video with were quiet when they pointed out items of which we all were not aware.

This process is the key to 17 Ways goal of making you a better, safer pilot. It trains you to spot emergency situations before they become critical and how to calmly deal with situations suddenly thrust upon you, such as losing a rod in the left engine of a Beech baron during a descent to landing (which happened to two pilots in our office yesterday).

Each volume is $39.95, and all four are available on one tape for $139.95. For more information, contact Flyright Productions.

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