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Flyright Productions, telephone 818/782-0523, 800/201-5002. Color VHS videotape, times vary, $39.95 each or $139.95 for a compilation of all four tapes.

This mouthful of a title describes a handful of VHS tapes that accurately (if not somewhat painfully) addresses the greatest hazards to safe flight: ourselves and our judgment. Ass 77 percent of all accidents are due to pilot error, this series focuses on the critical areas of judgment and decision making inside the cockpit. The setting is familiar to most of us: weekend fun and business trips in four and six-seat aircraft.

Nonetheless, this is the most entertaining and well-produced video I have seen on accident prevention to date. Airshow performer Bob Hoover introduces each of the four, 35-42-minute videos, titled Preflight Preparation and Takeoff, Cruise and Enroute, Approach and Landing, and Your Body in Flight.

Using dramatic situations we can all relate to, the videos describe many of the wrong ways to aviate, including caving in to pressure from passengers who want to get home, being preoccupied with other problems while we should be concentrating on the flight, not being as sharp on emergency procedures as we should when the critical moment arrives, and being not quite up to mental and physical par.

This is definitely a tape your non-pilot friends and family will enjoy (although if you mimic the behavior of the actors in this series, it is likely they will never fly with you again). Aerial tragedies strike characters predictably, but then the scenarios are replayed with the pilot demonstrating the proper judgment and skills - at least until they make the next mistake.

There's a lot of buzzing, overshooting the runway, getting lost, nearly running into television towers and other cliff hanger action. While this may sound a bit insensitive, it's only a video and no one gets killed or injured.

With its quick-paced, short format, the series is perfect for safety presentations at flying clubs or other aviation get togethers.

-J. Patrick O'Leary

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