The Australian Aviation Underwriting Pool has distributed this series to each pilot renewing his insurance policy and to pilots purchasing new policies. As the insurance company says, "Introduced by the legendary Bob Hoover, 'The 17 Most Popular Ways To Fall Out Of The Sky...And How To Avoid Them' is required viewing for anyone who's serious about safety... Because in aviation, more than any other industry, a couple of hours of prevention is always the better option."

"It is unlikely pilots will view these tapes without recognizing themselves in one of the 17 vignettes about poor decision making. Highly realistic scenarios show pilots reacting to stress, peer pressure, and even medical conditions that could affect any pilot and lead to disaster."
-Alton K. Marsh, AOPA Pilot
*Reprinted from AOPA Pilot, all rights reserved
aviation flight safety training

"CFI's should purchase a set and require every Biennial Flight Review candidate to watch them and discuss them with the instructor. FBOs should require that renters of aircraft watch the entire series as a condition of renting a plane from them."  -Southwest Aviation Report
aviation flight safety training

"Selected for instructional use by the FAA, the U.S. Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol, the series shines by virtue of its careful methodology and high quality production values... Specific issues covered range from the elementary to the advanced, and even experienced aviators will pick up pointers from this well-prepared series."
- Aviation International News
aviation flight safety training

"One of the best to come along in a while... And more than once the pilots I watched the video with were quiet when they pointed out items of which we all were not aware... it trains you to spot emergency situations before they become critical."
-Flight Training
aviation flight safety training

This is the most entertaining and well-produced video I have seen on accident prevention to date... This is definitely a tape your non-pilot friends and family will enjoy (although if you mimic the behavior of the actors in the series, it is likely they will never fly with you again)."
-Private Pilot
aviation flight safety training

Purchased by the FAA National safety Office.
CAP-USAF Headquarters acquired one for each of their Air Force Liaison Officers.

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