The 17 Most Popular Ways To Fall Out Of The Sky
...AND HOW TO AVOID THEM (With Your Host Bob Hoover)
Pre-Flight Preparation & Takeoff Vol. I

aviation flight safety trainingVolume I highlights critical factors during pre-flight preparation and takeoff that can turn a typical flight situation into a crisis. Topics include aborting takeoffs safely; premature rotation and lift off; "get-home-itis" and mind-set; high density altitude takeoffs; go/no-go decisions; poor preflight hazards; engine failure on takeoff in a twin; fuel precautions; weight and balance considerations on takeoff; and unusual CG considerations. Hosted by Bob Hoover, premier aerobatic demonstration pilot, the program includes segments of his airshow as performed in the Shrike Aero Commander.

aviation flight safety trainingWritten by John Lowery, renowned aviation safety writer, author of "Professional Pilot" and "Anatomy of a Spin," and instructor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Features commentary by Walt Schob, former United States Air Force test pilot, instructor at the Institute of Aviation Safety at USC, and President of Sun Safety.

aviation flight safety trainingThe associated companion booklet includes elaboration on all of the video topics plus runway slope considerations; runway surfaces and takeoff roll guidelines; rules of thumb for proper fuel system management; snow and icing considerations; and light twin performance factors. This booklet can be downloaded for free with the purchase of a video.


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