The 17 Most Popular Ways To Fall Out Of The Sky
...AND HOW TO AVOID THEM (With Your Host Bob Hoover)
Your Body in Flight Vol. IV

aviation flight safety trainingaviation flight safety trainingVolume IV focuses on the aeromedical factors that affect your body in flight and explores how balance and orientation can be altered when your body is deprived of land-based bearings. Topics include landing illusions caused by terrain, runway width or length; the in-flight effects of physiological factors, such as stress, illness, fatigue, and medication; hypoxia; effects of alcohol and hangover; the bends; false horizons; the Giant Hand effect; spatial misorientation and spatial disorientation and their different causes.

Hosted by Bob Hoover, premier aerobatic demonstration pilot, the program includes segments of his airshow in the Shrike Aero Commander.

aviation flight safety trainingCo-written and narrated by Grant McNaughton, M.D., former flight surgeon, Board Certified in Aerospace Medicine, and former Chief, Life Sciences Division, at the Air Force Inspection and Safety Center. Features commentary by Albert Puskas, M.D., former flight surgeon, Board Certified in Aerospace Medicine, former instructor at the Institute of Aviation Safety at USC, and Senior FAA Medical Examiner. Co-written by John Lowery, renowned aviation safety writer, author of "Professional Pilot" and "Anatomy of a Spin" and instructor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

aviation flight safety trainingThe associated companion booklet includes elaboration on all of the video topics plus a discussion of illusions caused by featureless terrain, atmospheric conditions and lighting; ear and sinus blocks; mindset; hyperventilation; carbon monoxide poisoning; G-induced effects from aerobatics; windshield effects; vision in flight and how it is affected by visual phenomena related to distractions, vection, and weather factors; and graveyard spirals.


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