The 17 Most Popular Ways To Fall Out Of The Sky
...AND HOW TO AVOID THEM (With Your Host Bob Hoover)
Vols I-IV on four individual VHS Tapes

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Volume I: Preflight Preparation & Takeoff


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Volume II: Cruise & En Route


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Volume III: Approach & Landing


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Volume IV: Your Body In Flight


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Flyright Productions was the recipient of Aviation Week's Laurel Award for "setting a new standard in aviation safety training tools."

Flyright Productions proudly offers this superior instructional series, now complete on one VHS tape. Here you’ll find the facts you need presented in a way you'll remember. This Hollywood-quality series has high production values while providing useful information that's difficult to find elsewhere.

17 WAYS focuses on the primary causes of accidents according to NTSB statistics. This breakthrough series creates actual flight situations and illustrates how human factors influence the decision-making process, contribute to pilot error and cause accidents. Our unique approach offers distinct advantages: the viewer becomes a participant in the flight experience, which guarantees maximum retention of this critical information. Better retention means stronger performance...and safer flights.

Hosted by Bob Hoover, premier aerobatic demonstration pilot, and includes segments of his airshow performed in the Shrike Aero Commander.

Written by John Lowery, renowned aviation safety writer, author of "Professional Pilot" and "Anatomy of a Spin," and instructor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Features an unparalleled staff of aviation experts - test pilots, flight surgeons and instructors from both the Naval and Air Force Test Pilot Schools, the Institute of Aviation Safety at USC, and Embry Riddle University.

The 17 WAYS series contains lifesaving information for pilots of all experience levels. It's an unbeatable tool to prepare for the Flight Review, and will serve as an invaluable library of safety checklists and skilled pilot technique that you'll refer to time and time again. This complete four-part volume features companion booklets with self-tests at the end of each section.

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